#ThankfulThursday 5 – Monday Edition

19 January 2015

I woke up this morning being thankful for the gift of life, the strength in my body and in my soul to achieve what I want and what I am capable of achieving.

Life has an incredible talent of throwing shades on your way and making you feel weak when you most need strength and vigour, but I thank the Almighty for making my hand strong in his name, for not making me commit to misery, because that is what I knew and it felt better that way, but for pulling me up to complete my exams. This past week has been incredibly challenging and I almost lost faith in making it, but now I realise there’s nothing thrown on my path that I can’t handle, it is there because I can do it, because I am here to fulfil something bigger and mightier that what my mind can even think of. I am thankful for my mother, for her incommensurable love and care, for giving me a helping hand even when I turn her down and for being my shield in this struggle for life. I am thankful for my dear friends, my friend Sheila for being always caring and supportive of what I do, my friend Ibe for the love one feels to reach out to another, my friend Ami for opening my eyes to see a Faith she herself is searching for when I am about to close them out of distress because she knows the power of the word in my life.

I hope to always be able to raise above and see the grace in what I have and be grateful for the gift of life and never fall into the distress of ingratitude for what is not meant to be mine.

The gift of gratitude.

The gift of gratitude.

I challenge you to not commit to misery because of the comfort and the knowledge you have in that field, but always see the possibility of a chance of redemption in all you do, no matter how small that may be.


1 thought on “#ThankfulThursday 5 – Monday Edition”

  1. I’m grateful for you, Benja!

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