#ThankfulThursday 3

13 November 2014


I need to say a massive thank you to the amazing people that are helping me to grow, emotionally, academically and.. yes, politically!
It has been an awful challenge to balance everything, and although I’m yet to figure it out, I appreciate the effort of those people who see in me a seed that can be grown! I need to thank the amazing staff at my Student Union for their advice and words (like, guys, I’m there all the time lol!), my co-officer Tanisha for supporting our cause and vision, my mum for supporting me in all I do even though she would like me to be here just to get a degree and run away real quick, but has decided to make me find my way, my own way. I need to thank my housemates for being those people, full of concerns and love and limitless understanding in accommodating all the bad in me (it’s not easy!). I need to thank whoever prays for me day and night so I can find the strength to do the things that need to be done.
I am immensely grateful to the hand of the Almighty, for the ability to see, understand, receive, give and progress in the light of success and not failure.
Even though life is not always sweet and amazing, I am thankful for the grace to be able to get up in the morning and walk towards the fullness of life.


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