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By Beulah Osueke, founder of Ezibota, a platform for young and dynamic Africans in and out of the Diaspora

Sorry for the short notice but …I’m in London for vacation! (Or “holiday” as they say out here, hah.) And we’re holding a mini meetup tomorrow afternoon. So if you’re in London, or in a surrounding area, and want to join some of us for a bite, we’re gathering at a Ghanaian restaurant called Kate’s Cafe in East London (174 Balaam Street, London E13 8RD, near Plaistow tube station) around 4:30 PM GMT.

If you plan on joining us, please shoot me a quick e-mail (beulah@ezibota.com) letting me know so that we can have general head count.

If you feel like you’re missing out don’t worry, we got you. We hope to do more of these in various cities. We have team members across the globe so look out for more meetups with much more notice in the future. Take care, I wish you a productive week ahead!