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I wrote about this some time ago, and because I’ve witnessed it again, let me argue it once more.

I am a Black Woman, and I am aware of how this race and gender shape how I walk through life as a human being. However, I also know that my experiences cannot be limited just because of my gender and/or race. I know the barriers and sometimes it’s difficult to shatter glass ceilings, or be who I want to be because of, in the words of bell hooks, the ‘White supremacist capitalist patriarchy’. BUT a lot of the times, I sadly see some Black people using race to justify their actions and to deflect the truth, or using race to escape reality and the heart of the matter. Let’s talk about the fact that you didn’t get the job because maybe you are not qualified, instead of making it a race party! One could argue you didn’t get the job because you have not been provided with the opportunities to be able to be prepared, like a White person. Fair argument, but this is not the point. The employer’s goal, at that given time, is not to embrace the opportunities you were not given, but is to find the most appropriate person to hire. Let’s talk about the fact that you are being kicked out of the store because you are actually stealing, instead of making it a race issue! Is stealing an intrinsic factor to your Blackness? Not that I am aware of.

I am a warrior and advocate for the rights of my people, and it frustrates me to witness these situations, because it takes away the dignity of people who are actually experiencing unfair treatment because of race and/or gender.

This is a very complex issue, and I know my opinion comes as unpopular, but get out of your feelings and get the message. We can agree to disagree.