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Let’s make ourselves knowledgeable instead of accepting without critique news headlines.

je suis charlie

Trafalgar Square, London. Protesters with posters reading ‘Je Suis Charlie’ showed their solidarity with France. 2015 © AP Available from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2900835/Crowds-gather-central-Paris-solidarity-murdered-Charlie-Hebdo-journalists-slogan-Je-Suis-Charlie.html

I have been living and talking to people of Islam faith all my life, some of my colleagues at work are Muslims, I grew up with friends of Islam faith, one of my flatmates is Muslim and I’ve lost the number of the times we talk about religion and the values of both Islam and Christianity. Islam, like Christianity, is about love and compassion, the care for the other and the fear and search for a god who is greater than us.
Now, like in any other religion (or secular faith), we find fanatics: people who take the message and twist it by making it extreme in its essence, until they break it. Now our Western Eyes see Islam as an incubator of this fanaticism, because we are biased by socio-economic and historical events (consider 09/11) that we do not perhaps entirely understand. Consider the 19th-20th century for Judaism and think about the socio-economic and historical events’ power to alter the image of a religion. In fact think about Christianity in its early days if you wish, about how Jesus and all the other messengers of the Word were seen, think about what they had to endure at the hand of the Romans.

I do not subscribe to the image of Islam as fanaticism and terrorism.

With this being said, I think we need to be careful about what we let ourselves to know. Let’s make ourselves knowledgeable instead of accepting without critique news headlines. What happened in Paris is unfortunate, horrible, and the people who are responsible are barbarians! They have to pay for what they did because they are criminals, they are people in a savage, primitive and uncivilised state of being; they are not civilised and they have decided to take away the very foundation of our society: Education, Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Expression; they have to pay because they are CRIMINALS, not because they are Muslims.