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What/who is a soulmate?

Few days ago, I read a blog post by Nkemlife (check it out if you haven’t already, it’s amazing!). They were discussing soulmate, its meaning and how soulmate reveal itself. This is a follow up to their post.

I love this song and I listen to it all the time; it’s by a Ghanaian musician, Kojo Antwi, who I adore for the simplicity and plainness of his verses, full of joy, elegance and everlasting warmth.

Ɔdomankoma bɔɔ adeɛ no, ɔbɔɔ obiara ne ne deɛ ei

Sɛ manya me dɔfo yi a, mentwetwe n’ase o

Sɛ ɔfiri adwuma reba a, mede amirika na ɛbɛkɔ ahyia no ei

Na mayɛ no awaawaatuu, ɔdɔ yɛwu aba a, tenase o

Na mɛhwɛ w’aniwama mu, ɛno na ɛma me awerɛkyekyere ei

Mehu wo a, na me ho atɛ me ei

Ao, ɔdɔ yɛwu ei

I spent some days at my parents’ house for the holidays and one of the songs I’ve been playing ever since is “Me Dofo Pa”, which means in the Ghanaian Twi dialect “My true love”. (I couldn’t find the translation of the lyrics, and because I don’t want to murder the magic, I am not going to attempt to translate this song, because even though I speak the language, I do not know how to write it or read it, which might sound weird, but this is another story for another day.)

I feel this song to be the ultimate love song (together with this), in which there’s the quintessence of what/who is soulmate.

…ɛno na ɛma me awerɛkyekyere

(= “which gives me hope/encouragement/warmth to the soul” | “awerɛkyekyere” means hope/encouragement/warmth to the soul in Twi)

Finding the soulmate is finding the person in whom awerɛkyekyere becomes being. Soulmate is the person who gives warmth to the soul, the one that makes you one. To recognise awerɛkyekyere, to notice it when it passes by, it’s necessary to understand and ultimately realise unconditional love, from personal to universal. I don’t know what unconditional love is and I’d be a pretender to the throne to say otherwise; but from what I understand, unconditional love is liberation from all bondage that keep one from loving passionately.

When this state has been reached, when we liberate ourselves from what keep us captive, awerɛkyekyere, the soulmate, reveal itself.