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The other day “All about that bass” was being played on the radio, and my flatmate was telling me about this ‘controversy’ the song is creating. (Now, if you are not familiar with the song I’m talking about, please google it, listen to it and then read the lyrics.)

So, because I don’t know how to mind my business, I did my research about this ‘controversy’. First of all I have to say I can’t even believe this is a thing, but apparently it is, so let’s talk about it!

Meghan Trainor, the singer, is talking about how women should accept their body, no matter the sizes they have to deal with; and to reinforce this notion, she underlines how men like to hold booty at night and how skinny girls are bitches?

Ok. I have some considerations to make.

See, I don’t blame Ms Trainor for singing and praising curvy women the way she does and the people that are criticising her (because she’s judgmental towards other sizes, perhaps skinny girls) should take not one, or two, but several seats; because in a world where a size 12 (UK) like me is considered too big to wear some brands, we are left to talk about the fact that skinniness is not the ‘norm’. My problem is the way she does these praises (?).

I love “All about that bass”, but dear Ms Trainor, if you have decided to embrace your booty and body, the curviness and what you were given, please do it because it makes you feel good, because you are accepting yourself, the wholeness of your personhood… not because some dudes want to hold it at night. Thank you.