It’s a NEW month, a NEW day!!! Happy start of the month to you all, from me to you J 
The guy up there has blessed us with a new life, a new chance to make it happen. Let’s be thankful for yesterday, grateful for today and hopeful for tomorrow!

October for me was a very challenging month, both positive and negative-wise, emotionally, financially and academically. For the very first time I had to learn to ask for honest help, to overcome my moments of anxiety. I learnt that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing but natural to be weak and down sometimes. See, life has a funny way of waking you up: it first slammes the door in your face, and then things start to happen. I learnt it the hard way, but I did, so you can do it as well!

This month is going to be better and glorious than the previous, YOU are going to reach your best you and you are going to be a step closer to your goal.
Positivity, work and honesty are the keys to unlock the fullness of life. Be honest about the things that scare you, be honest to yourself, and ask for help if you feel like falling. Surround yourself with people that can lift you high and higher, with the doers of the dream and not just the dreamers! Dreams do not work, unless you do! Work hard to achieve what you are longing for, use the small you have to start getting what you want, keep your integrity alive and NEVER LET GO the chance to transform everything you do into an opportunity to reach the BEST YOU!!!

Have a great weekend JJ

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