About a month ago or so, a friend posted on his fb timeline – Back in the days teen pregnancy use to be big embarrassment for the entire family but nowadays people are gettin Facebook likes for it- hashtagged bring back our girls. (Ok, now bring back our girls hashtag is inappropriate, misleading and in general the whole statement is simplistic.) So I commented.
-The fact is back in the day there was another level of respect for the female body, by both men and women. Back in the day sexual union and procreation was regarded with different note. In fact back in the day some cultures regard(ed) sexual union purely for procreation and nothing else, and the former involved a marital status. Regardless to fb likes, it’s about social change and social history.
When issues like this are brought up, it’s easy to blame men for disrespecting women. I honestly believe that if a woman respects her own self, she’d not allow to be disrespected, but the reality does not show this!

Dear sisters in the house, it annoys me to see my fellow women displaying their bodies like pieces of IKEA furniture and expecting to be respected by our brothers. Of course it’s not going to happen! Of course by doing this we entertain to be define in an unworthy way, of course the man is going to activate his sexual desire, and one can’t help it.