Mostly written on 9/08/2014

I need to write about this. I need to write about how my course and the things I’m doing are changing my life.

I’m out on field, doing fieldwork for my course at university. It’s been six days now and I’ve met so many people with so many interesting and exciting life stories, that I can’t contain myself from expressing how glad I am to be in the right place at the right moment, at a point in time when I’m most needy of inspiration to fuel my aspirations.
I’ve met Mathias, who was born in Australia but lived from 9 to 17 in America, and moved to Durham for his undergraduate in Archaeology. He’s currently doing his masters in Denmark.
I’ve met Hope, a lovely 23 years old young lady from Chicago, who came to camping with her friend Ashley, Canadian from Montreal, both studying Anthropology. They met a year ago at a dig and planned to come to England for this project, spending about thousand three hundred dollars each. They are pursuing their dreams of life.
I’ve met Lea, 25, American-German Biology graduate, who left America to move to Germany after discovering her hatred for lab work. She’s now reading MA in Prehistoric and Classical Archaeology in northern Germany.
I’ve met Lenore, one of my supervisors, Canadian by birth, who has travelled the whole world, China included, and has so many life tips to give, that I looked at her wishing to be like her one day in the near future. One Wednesday night, BBQ night, I sat near her in the circle to listen to the small stories about her life she likes to share with us. She taught me to be kind in field school to those who do not know my person and treat me accordingly, like one of the mass.
I’ve also met James, who recently graduated in Archaeology (after changing course in 2nd year from Conservation Studies) at Cardiff University. He’s going to India and Australia (and other places) after this project. He’s travelling the world to pursue his dream of life.
All these people are teaching me a couple of lessons: their life stories are telling me with persistence to follow my own dream of life. From Mathias I’ve learnt how to embrace life with good will; from Lea I’ve learnt how to be courageous when it comes to following the inner voice, the sound of change; from Hope and Ashley I’ve learnt how to give the wholeness of myself to my dream, even if it means quitting a job; from Lenore I’ve learnt how to find and love life in every possibility, how to be kind to the unknown; from James I’ve learnt how to have faith in whatever you decide to do, because it will always lead you.
These people are teaching me, without knowing, to give myself fully to my projects and aspirations and never, ever, be indifferent to the sound of change.

TIP: Surround yourself with likeminded people, whatever your dream may be, and allow yourself to be inspired by people who share your same passion.