I was having a conversation with my mum, who told me that an advice I gave helped her to overcome a difficult moment. In that very instant I admired her for the honesty and the shared emotion. It was just overwhelming to know that the power of the tongue has just done another miracle. I say this because my mother is not the kind of woman you can deal with with ease. I often call her Sergeant Conway because of her “military” manners. She’s not easy to understand or perhaps to move her emotionally, but I know that somewhere under that shield there’s a soft and tender-hearted woman.

As young people, we often underestimate our potential and the gift each and every one of us carry within. To be “talented” or to have a “potential” does not necessarily involve materialistic or physical skills.
Often to the “talented” is the ability to touch a life; is the ability to move a soul that is stuck that matters. And in one way or the other, we all have that skill.
As children we sometimes devalue the incredible chance we have to make it right. I often think, perhaps in a naïve or dismissive way, that I am the one who need to be taken care of and therefore I have no business or contribution to make towards my parents’ emotional well-being.
The truth is this: we have such an incredible influence on our parents’ emotions, that one word of consolation can really make everything right. Or maybe not everything, but a word can and will prevent them from falling apart.

This is the lesson I’ve learnt today, that despite all the challenges, all the difficulties and although we have nothing to give, we can make it right anyway; as far as we have a heart that cares and there’s a soul within, we can make it right.