There are some topics which are really difficult to tackle, not because they are difficult issues to understand or perhaps to put down, but because of their complexity, their history and their delicacy.
In the history of humanity the black race (some people would eagerly say there is just one race, the human race! Agreed, but please let’s keep it real and talk without unnecessary sugar-coatings!) has endured sufferings beyond imagination in the Western World but also in the African continent. Racism is a disease we have to deal with on a daily basis and I myself I’ve had my portion in this twenty years of life. It’s not pretty and it’s not cool.
Many at times black people see their opportunities and chances wiped away because of the colour of their skin, although “the colour of the skin is in no way connected with the strength of the mind or intellectual powers.”[1]Now, it seems to me that because of these things, many people sit back and look down upon themselves.

I grew up in a community where many black kids devalued their potential and stop working hard because they believed that there was nothing for them to achieve; they failed at school, they did not commit themselves socially and they perhaps did not invest their time in their life in a quality way as young people. What I saw was people being blown away by what was seen as the inevitable path, and eventually these kids ended up following that path. They fulfilled the stereotype in a sad way! I saw people sitting back and looking down upon themselves because of the colour of their skin; I saw people becoming lazy and not standing up for their wish and it disturbed me, because it became the norm. I felt that being black for those kids became an excuse to deviate from what they were certainly capable of achieving. They became lazy and it became easy to blame one’s blackness for not having that opportunity or that job offer.

To be black in the Western World is a responsibility, it comes with many wiped-away chances and sometimes it can be really though. But never use it as an excuse to do less than what you are capable of doing because you think you might not get there! The colour of your skin does nothing to you, unless you let it rob you of your will.

[1] Benjamin Banneker according